The Transportation and Agriculture Markets in the Midwest

It is well known that the states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana are sources of many agriculture products that feed the United States and parts of the world. In this region you'll find apples, blueberries, pears, sunflowers, wheat, barley, corn and soybeans, just to name a few cash crops. Farms ranging in size from just a few acres to hundreds of acres are everywhere. These states are always in the running for the highest crop yields, and are at the forefront of innovation of farming techniques, such as low/no till farming or drip irrigation.

Many of the implements used on the farms are invented and manufactured in those same states. Further development and refinement is constant, as farmers strive to be more competitive and efficient. Individual farmers do much of their own equipment upkeep, but there are plenty of repair facilities and mobile mechanics to help if needed. Driving through the area during planting or harvest time, you'll see all of the name-brand equipment in the color schemes of Green, Red, Orange, Blue or combinations thereof.

In order to move the products to market and move the implements from one field to the next, good roads are necessary, and here in the eastern Midwest, we have some of the best. From two lane, county or state maintained, to multi-lane US funded interstates, we have thousands of miles of safe highways, connecting the farms to the cities and ports. Cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Louisville, Indianapolis and Detroit, are all within a days drive at the most.

Traversing those roadways are thousands of trucks hauling millions of tons of products. Everywhere, you'll see the 53-foot, dry-van trailers or sometimes doubles (two shorter trailers connected together and pulled by a single tractor) moving down the highway. Some of those trucks are hauling freight deemed, LTL or Less Than Truckload. Others, known as Expediters, are in smaller trucks or vans, and they move loads with high priority. You'll also see other trailer types, such as; flatbed, refrigerated or low-boys. Those trailers are specially made to haul hard to handle freight, or food that needs to be kept cold, or large, earth moving equipment.

Behind every farmer, truck driver or business owner, there's a story of hard work and diligence. There are long days and nights, working to grow those crops and move that freight. Transportation Accessories of the Midwest is here to help all of those hard working people. We strive to find products to make that work a little easier and enjoyable, and connect those products with the people that need them.