Next Level Cargo Theft Prevention
Add an extra layer of security to your dry van, refer or shipping container.

The economic choice for protection.

Every year, millions of dollars of freight are stolen right off the back of the trailer.  You could spend thousands of dollars on sensors, GPS tracking, and cameras, but sometimes it’s the simple solution that works best.  Sensors, tracking and cameras only Document the theft as it happens, but why not foil the threat at the first thought, by Deterring the crime BEFORE it happens.


When a driver leaves the dock, they’re responsible for that load until it reaches the next dock.  Trusting a cheap lock or plastic seal is not an option.  If you want to stop worrying about your load, please consider an extra layer of defense against the typical cargo theft suspect.  The key to defending against most criminal activity is making the process more difficult or to place the perpetrator at greater risk of being caught.  By utilizing our product, you will add that extra layer of difficulty for the thief, as they will have to bring more tools in order to be successful!

Vidalina offers a quick and simple solution - The Cargo Securement Device (CSD). The CSD offers a brand new layer of protection against cargo theft from semi-trailers, and is designed as a deterrent against trailer break-ins.


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